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With a high degree of in-house technical support, we’re confident that we can assist your company with any challenges that arise. We encourage a pro-active approach in everything we do and our histogram is a testimony to our claims.

Our Core Competencies

W.E. has the technical know-how and coupled with an intimate understanding of the local market our clients can be assured that we’ll deliver a level of service exceeding their expectations.

W.E. recognizes the profound opportunities that exist as a result of our current social emphasis on environmentalism, and the movement to alternative energies. W.E. sees the numerous benefits and potential growth for converting Scaffolding and Plant maintenance demand from “the grid,” to self-sustainability. With the recent dramatic increase in Plant maintenance and Scaffolding demand Requirement, the movement toward alternative energies, and with the legislative incentives to convert, W.E. seeks the first mover advantage to become the leader in the Scaffolding and plant maintenance in India.

Our company seeks to set the standard and to lead the pack, with quality and a strong knowledge base as the foundation of our business.

W.E. understands that potential clients need to be better informed of the benefits of scaffolding and plant maintenance, so our initial effort will be to communicate the benefits of our

Services through several modes of communication. We are confident that by communicating the requirement demand benefits of high safety standards of safety, in conjunction with training of workers and supervisors, with the potential to provide best Scaffolding and plant maintenance service, in addition to the environmental impact of self sustainability; many of our target market prospects will take advantage of this opportunity.

W.E. will form a family owned and operated firm. Mr. Dharmendrakumar shah will complete the daily administrative activities, and performs the external labor responsibilities associated with W.E.’s business process. These external activities include; establishing clientele, making bids on projects, installation and warranty fulfillment, and attending conferences.

Plant & Machinery

SR.NO. Description Qty
1 Scaffolding Pipes 100000 Mtr
2 Scaffolding Clamps 200000 NOS
3 Scaffolding Planks 40000 NOS
4 Wooden Planks 5000 NOS
5 Grating Clams 15000 NOS
6 Toe Boards 5000 NOS
7 Ladder Clamps 10000 NOS
8 Ladders 3000 NOS
9 Material Shifting Hand Trolley 50 NOS
10 Ratchet Spanner (19x21) 500 NOS

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