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Quality Assurance Commitment

W.E. is committed to providing exceptional service in Construction Management and technical support services.

Our quality objectives are satisfied clients and continual improvement. To ensure these objectives can be achieved,
Through our training programs, all employees and associates have gained a sound understanding of this policy and our management system have been empowered to deliver service excellence. We will achieve our objectives through our focus, our commitment and our training.

To ensure we meet our objectives, the following outlines individual responsibilities in relation to the implementation of our Quality Assurance program

Managing Director

As senior executive officer, our MD has overall responsibility for setting the company’s quality goals, strategic planning for growth and overall improvement to business processes, and to ensure these goals are met through constant performance indicators. The MD also reviews the quality management system regularly.

Quality Manager

The quality manager is an integral component of our management team and has the responsibility and authority to manage the day-o-day operation of the quality system, including advising senior management on the performance of the system. The Quality Manager is also responsible for conducting training in quality awareness.

Management Team

The members of the management team have the responsibility to ensure that the company’s quality goals are translated into operational effectiveness. They are accountable for the quality outcomes of their departments.


Supervisors are responsible for implementing the quality system on a day-to-day basis. They are also responsible for conducting work skills.

All Employees

Each person is expected to understand their role in achieving quality outcomes and then putting these principles into practice.

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